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20 new apps have arrived at the Regata OS Store, including Proton VPN, Flatseal, AudioTube and more

20 novos apps chegaram à Regata OS Store, incluindo Proton VPN, Flatseal, AudioTube e mais

More apps arrived at the Regata OS Store last week, with a total of 20 new apps. There are solutions for all tastes, including Proton VPN, Flatseal, AudioTube, Tor Browser Launcher and several other apps.

If you want to know more details about the apps that are now part of the Regata OS app store catalogue, here is the complete list for you. Check out!

The new apps from the Regata OS Store

Some of the apps in this post were suggested by Regata OS users. We would like to thank everyone who contributes to the Regata OS project, sending tips and suggestions.

It is also worth remembering that some apps need special attention before they can make their debut, which may delay the entry of the app in the Regata OS Store. After all, apps need to work like a charm.

So don't be sad if you don't see your favorite app on the list. Know that we are working to add it to the Regata OS Store.

Proton VPN: free and no data or speed limit

Proton VPN is a VPN service that, like most other genuine services of its kind, allows you to protect your anonymity online, unblock websites, and bypass various filters and geo-restrictions, just to name a few. some of the possibilities. Besides, you can also use it for free without worrying about data or speed caps, unwanted ads, and no restrictions on online activities.

The service promises to have hundreds of secure VPN servers around the world, including several free VPN servers. This ensures there's always a high-bandwidth server nearby no matter where you're connecting from, providing a low-latency VPN connection for better performance.

AudioTube: music on YouTube without ads

AudioTube is an application created especially for those who enjoy listening to their favorite music from YouTube. The app has a modern interface, is super easy to use, and includes all the features you'd expect from such software.

Plus, it doesn't require a Google account to sign in or require you to subscribe to YouTube Music, Google's official music streaming service, or YouTube Premium.

Elisa: for a good song

Elisa is a simple but powerful music player that is reliable and also supports online radio. The app has the ability to automatically search for music and cover art files. In addition, it has a very modern and responsive user interface, being able to adapt the way it displays information in different window sizes.

Other noteworthy features include the so-called "Party Mode" which basically gives the player a bit more focus and makes it more minimalist, and the Dark and Light GUI themes.

MakeMKV: enjoy Blu-rays and DVDs content on modern devices

Focused on simplicity, MakeMKV allows you to convert your content with just a few clicks. As far as conversion is concerned, you'll be happy to know that it can be as fast as the disk reading device loads the data.

In addition, the app manages to preserve audio and video quality, and while it retains most of the information, it has been reported that there is no noticeable loss of quality, and it has the ability to save metadata, including any special features or settings such as menus, audio language or subtitles.

Hypnotix: hassle-free IPTV streaming

Hypnotix is an IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies and series. The app supports several IPTV providers, as long as they are of the following types: M3U, via URL or local playlist, and Xtream API. However, it is worth remembering from the beginning that the utility does not provide content or TV channels, but only works as a streaming player from IPTV providers.

PlasmaTube: Ad-free YouTube videos

PlasmaTube is a super clean and modern looking YouTube video player that is easy to use. To play content from YouTube, the application makes use of youtube-dl, one of the best and most popular free and open source command line based download managers for YouTube and other similar sites.

KDiskFree: get information about your storage devices

KDiskFree (also known as just “kdf”) is a tool capable of displaying information about hard drives and other storage devices, including the amount of free space available, the total capacity, type and what is the mount point. It also allows mounting and unmounting of drives and allows users to view them in the file manager.

Okteta: Manipulate files by editing bytes in hexadecimal

Okteta is a simple editor for raw file data. This type of program is also called a hex editor or binary editor. Data is displayed in the traditional view with two columns: one with numerical values and another with assigned characters. Editing can be done on either the value column or the character column.

In addition to the usual editing features, Okteta also comes with a small set of tools, such as a table listing decodings into common simple data types, a table listing all possible bytes with their equivalent characters and values, an information view with a statistic and a filter tool. All modifications to loaded data can be infinitely undone or redone.

Filelight: View disk usage via pie charts

Filelight is an application created especially to help you visualize the disk usage on your computer through pie charts that are easy to understand and pleasant to look at. With it, you can easily scan all local partitions as well as all types of remote or removable storage drives. Furthermore, you can fully configure the color schemes of the charts available in the app's main window to match your system.

In a more practical sense, filesystem navigation is mouse-based. File navigation can be achieved with simple mouse clicks, and information about files and directories can be obtained simply by hovering the mouse over the desired parts of the graph.

KSystemLog: Get operating system logs easily

KSystemLog is an application created especially to show the user all the logs of his operating system, which are grouped by General (default system log, Authentication, Kernel, X.org and etc…) and Optional Services (Apache, Cups and etc…). In addition, the app can also color the registration lines according to their criticality, which helps to identify, for example, any errors.

Other features include tabbed display, which allows displaying multiple records at the same time, automatic display of new recorded lines, and detailed information for each line of the record.

Subtitle Composer: create subtitles for videos

Subtitle Composer is an application that allows users to load and save subtitle files of the most common formats, including SRT, SUB or SSA, with support for various encodings. Furthermore, the app has full undo and redo support, a built-in video player with support for multiple video backends including MPLayer and GStreamer, and subtitle overlay.

Kamoso: enjoy your webcam

Kamoso is an application created especially to help you use your webcam. You can use the app to take photos or record videos and share them later wherever you want, such as on sites like YouTube or Facebook.

Akregator: a news source reader

Akregator is a newsfeed reader, which allows you to follow news pages, blogs and other pages with RSS/Atom support, without the need to use a web browser to check if there are any updates. The app is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful enough to conveniently read hundreds of news sources.

Arianna: keep your e-books close at all times

Arianna is a free e-book reader, which also allows you to manage your digital book library through a light, simple and super easy to use interface. Also, the app is able to discover your e-books automatically. You can also organize and sort your ebook collection by author, series, publisher, genres and various tags/keywords.

NeoChat: for secure and decentralized communication

NeoChat is a client for Matrix, the secure and decentralized communication protocol for instant messaging. It allows you to send text messages, videos and audio files to your family and friends. The app aims to be a complete solution to the Matrix specification. As such, everything in the current stable specification with the notable exceptions of VoIP, threads and some aspects of end-to-end encryption are supported.

Skanpage: Scan multi-page documents

Skanpage is a simple scanning application optimized for scanning multi-page documents. It can also scan and save single page documents and images. Among the features we can mention support for automatic feeder scanners, the ability to reorder, rotate and delete scanned pages, and support for saving to multipage PDF documents and image files.

Kexi: a visual database builder

Kexi is an application designed to act as a visual database builder, allowing anyone to easily create database schemas, as well as process, query, and enter data. Key features include the ability to create forms, which provide a custom interface to your data, and store database objects including forms, tables, and database queries.

KDevelop: KDE Integrated Development Environment

KDevelop is a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) perfect for C and C++ projects and other supported languages. It offers excellent code completion and project support, as well as documentation integration that keeps you close to where you are editing code. Furthermore, the software can analyze your project in real-time to provide accurate code completion. C/C++, Objective-C, and QML languages are first-class supported.

The IDE also has plugins that provide better support for the Python and PHP programming languages.

Tor Browser Launcher: Download, install, update and launch Tor Browser

Tor Browser Launcher is intended to make the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) easier to maintain and use for Linux users. It downloads the same TBB from torproject.org that everyone else uses and doesn't change it in any way. But it makes it much more usable, and it makes keeping it up to date safer. In other words, just install this tool and let it take care of everything.

Flatseal: Manage permissions for Flatpak apps

Flatseal is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to completely manage and control the permissions of Flatpak applications. Best of all, the utility doesn't require you to use the command line, instead it provides a modern and sleek user interface so you can configure everything with a few mouse clicks.