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New update for Regata OS Game Access fixes League of Legends installation and more

New update for Regata OS Game Access fixes League of Legends installation and more

A new update for Regata OS Game Access was launched last Tuesday night (March 07), bringing more corrections and improvements, further improving the experience of users who chose to use the application to install and run on Regata OS games that were purchased outside of Steam.

Among the changes is a fix for the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, which can now install and run correctly. The tests were carried out with the version of the game available on the Epic Games Store. Additionally, the EA App should now replace Origin, which will still remain visible in the sidebar of the Game Access interface until the user decides to remove it.

For those who wish to install EA Games games that were purchased from the Epic store, we recommend installing the Epic Games Store app through Game Access. When starting the installation of the game, the EA App will be installed, so you can use it to install the desired title, just as you would if you were on Windows.

Another piece of good news is that the installation of League of Legends and Warframe games has been fixed. Furthermore, the way these titles are installed has also been improved to make the import process easier and faster.

Regata OS Game Access - League of Legends

Last but not least, the installation queue has also been fixed, with processes now following the correct installation order. These fixes were only possible thanks to community feedback and support.

Thanks for helping to keep Regata OS alive!

To get the new Game Access update, just keep your Regata OS up to date, either using the Regata OS Update application or, for those who like to see things happening in the terminal, running the following command: 
  sudo zypper ref; sudo zypper up