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Regata OS 23.0.38 released with more improvements and fixes ''under the hood''

Regata OS 23.0.38 released with more improvements and fixes under the hood

A new update for the Regata OS is now available on a PC near you. This is update 23.0.38, which brings more improvements and fixes under the hood, in addition to KDE Plasma 5.27.10, the tenth maintenance update in the most recent series of the graphical environment.

Highlights of Plasma 5.27.10 include a fix for a bug that caused desktop icon positions to be remembered incorrectly, especially in multi-monitor setups, and the “Night Color” feature should no longer do transitioning to night mode at inappropriate times when using automatic location.

For more details on Plasma 5.27.10, be sure to check out the official announcement.

More “under the hood” improvements and fixes arrive with the Regata OS 23.0.38

Although a minor update, the Regata OS 23.0.38 brings fixes and improvements for ASUS ROG and Lenovo Legion devices. On the graphics side is support for the Vulkan VK_EXT_image_compression_control extension for the AMD (RADV) driver to troubleshoot issues involving games running with VKD3D-Proton.

This Vulkan extension was announced last year and allows for fixed-rate image compression and adds the ability to control when this type of compression can be applied.

Valve is using this image compression control extension with RADV to disable compression when necessary to resolve bugs involving some games developed with DirectX 12, which on Steam Play/Proton and Game Access run on top of VKD3D-Proton .

Additionally, improvements have also been added to video encoding quality for older Radeon GPUs that use VCE/UVD and there are fixes that can help the performance of GFX9/Vega graphics cards like the Radeon RX Vega 56/64 and Radeon VII.

Mesa 23.3 is here to help with gaming

In addition to the changes presented above, the Regata OS 23.0.38 also brings Mesa 23.3, the most recent and stable series of open source libraries that implement the latest improvements to drivers and graphics libraries for the most varied graphics card manufacturers.

Among the main highlights of Mesa 23.3, we can mention the initial support for AMD GFX11.5/RDNA3 Refresh and more efficient MSAA with AMD RDNA3 GPUs, as well as numerous other improvements for RADV, the Vulkan driver for AMD GPUs.

How to update to the Regata OS 23.0.38

To update your system, simply use the Regata OS Update application. A new ISO image is also available from the official website for those who wish to perform a new update.

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