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Regata OS 23.0.34 released with Plasma 5.27.9, Linux Kernel 6.6 and more

Regata OS 23.0.34 released with Plasma 5.27.9, Linux Kernel 6.6 and more

Another new update for the Regata OS is now available, update 23.0.34, which brings more corrections and important updates such as, for example, KDE Plasma 5.27.9, which presents more corrections and improvements, improving even more user experience.

Among the highlights of the new version of the Plasma graphical environment, we can mention more improvements for the Wayland session, correction for quick switching of account users that do not have defined passwords and KRunner should no longer differentiate between upper and lower case letters when searching recent files.

Additionally, the KWin window manager and composer must now respect touchscreen calibration matrices. For more technical details, be sure to check out the release notes for KDE Plasma 5.27.9.

KDE Plasma, the default graphics environment for the Regata OS

More improvements under the hood with Linux Kernel 6.6

Now that Linux Kernel 6.6 is officially available, receiving its first maintenance updates with fixes and improvements, it's time for the new version of the kernel to make its debut on Regata OS.

Linux Kernel 6.6 is a major update packed with new features, support for some newer hardware, security improvements, and performance improvements. Among the highlights is the EEVDF scheduler, which replaces the CFS scheduler.

EEVDF (short for Earliest Eligible Virtual Deadline First) fulfills the same function as CFS, helping to divide CPU time between processes, but it does so more efficiently, with less delay and reduced latency.

In addition, the new kernel version also brings support for AMD Dynamic Boost Control, improved temperature sensor support for AMD CPUs with Zen 5 architecture, EDAC support for AMD Family 1Ah processors, fixes for unintentional kernel panics on AMD Zen systems and AMD P-State resource control via cpupower.

Among a series of security improvements is the implementation of the Intel Shadow Stack (which, despite the name, also benefits some recent AMD CPUs). This hardware feature helps protect applications against return-oriented programming (ROP) attacks on Intel Tiger Lake and later processors.

As far as gaming-related devices go, we can mention the addition of a rumble/force feedback driver for the Google Stadia Controller, support for reporting battery status for the NVIDIA SHIELD Controller, and support for the SteelSeries Arctis headset 1 for Xbox, as well as the Logitech G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse and GameSir T4 Kaleid controller.

Google Stadia Controller

For more details on all the changes coming with Linux Kernel 6.6, we highly recommend you check out this very complete article from Phoronix.

The Regata OS ISO image with the NVIDIA driver now features NVIDIA Driver 545.29.06

The Regata OS ISO image with the NVIDIA driver now includes version 545.29.06 of the software, which fixes a bug that caused games built on the Source 2 engine to crash when running on Xwayland.

As could not be otherwise, this NVIDIA driver update is also available for those who already have Regata OS installed on their PC with a GeForce GTX/RTX graphics card.

The ISO image of Regata OS with the NVIDIA driver is useful as it helps those with laptops with hybrid graphics to test Regata OS with the NVIDIA driver without having to install the system on the machine.

More improvements to the Regata OS applications

The Regata OS 23.0.34 also brought some small improvements to Regata OS applications. Among the highlights, we can mention some small adjustments to the store interface, which now returns to displaying the app version and the “Install”, “Uninstall” and “Open” buttons directly on the search page.

On the Game Access side, games available on the GOG Galaxy account are now displayed correctly, with the library being loaded after the user logs into the GOG Galaxy client, and it is now easier and more intuitive to configure the FPS HUD, which helps check game performance during gameplay.

Configuring the FPS HUD in Game Access

How to update to the Regata OS 23.0.34

You can update right now to the Regata OS 23.0.34 through Regata OS Update. You can find the application icon in the system tray, as soon as the desktop loads when you turn on the computer, at which point the system should check for an update.

You can also find it in the apps menu, going to the system category and then Regata OS Update – or simply search for the app using the search box in the apps menu.

After the Regata OS Update app searches for updates, click the “Update all” button to ensure you get all updates, including applications and system updates.

However, if you want to do a new installation, you can download the Regata OS 23.0.34 ISO image from official website.