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New update for Regata OS Game Access brings more improvements and fixes

New update for Regata OS Game Access brings more improvements and fixes

Last Friday (11) was released another new update for Regata OS Game Access, which arrives bringing more improvements and fixes, as well as improved support for more games, including Overwatch 2, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves - The Lost Legacy, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Also, games with the 2K launcher such as BioShock Remastered 1/2 and Infinite should now work as expected. Another important fix, but this time, for the user logged in with their Epic Games Store account in the Game Access app, it helps to solve problems involving the synchronization of game saves in the cloud.

More enhancements under the hood

Game Access has also received a number of "under the hood" enhancements with this new update, ranging from a new custom version of the Wine compatibility layer, based on the latest version of Valve's Proton Experimental, to the latest DXVK 2.0, a library that allows to run games that use DirectX 9/10/11 over Vulkan, allowing a good performance of the game.

Among the new features of the latest version of DXVK, we can mention improvements in memory management, reduction in CPU overhead, benefiting titles like Assassin's Creed: Origins and God of War, and Vulkan shaders will now be compiled at the time the game will load its D3D shaders, something that helps reduce or eliminate stuttering (small stuttering) when compiling shaders in many games.

However, in games that load their shaders during load screens or in the menu, this change can lead to prolonged periods of very high CPU utilization, especially on weaker CPUs. For affected games, it is recommended to wait for the shader build to complete before launching the game to avoid crashes and low performance. During this process, the player will see an indication on the screen.

In addition, there are also specific fixes for several games, including, but not limited to: Alan Wake, Final Fantasy XV, Grand Theft Auto IV, Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

For more technical details, be sure to check out the official release announcement from DXVK 2.0 on GitHub.

Quick and easy access to your Windows games on Regata OS

Regata OS Game Access

The Game Access is just that: a place where you can install and run your Windows games on Regata OS, in particular those titles that were not obtainable through Steam. It's worth remembering that you don't need to have advanced knowledge about the tools that are under the hood in order to make adjustments. We've done all the work for you, just download your favorite game and enjoy.

To install and manage your games, you can use the same applications on Regata OS that are available on Windows, such as Ubisoft Connect, Battle.net, Origin and Rockstar Games Launcher.

In the case of the Epic Games Store, while you can log in to access your game library from the Game Access app itself, the Epic launcher is also available for installation.

Gamescope is now available on Regata OS

Gamescope, an open source project by Valve that is part of what powers the Steam Deck, is now available on Regata OS, and can be used, for example, with Steam games. It is a Wayland-based micro-composer that you can use to support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) or NVIDIA Image Scaling with your game.

In other words, on the Steam Deck, games are loaded into the Gamescope when the user is using the main Steam session (Gaming Mode). Behind the scenes, Gamescope can do all sorts of things, like fake a virtual screen with a set resolution and refresh rate, control the output and resize it, force an FPS cap, and much more.

For example, to use Gamescope with Steam games, just add the following in the title launch options:   gamescope -h 720 -H 1080 -U -f -- %command%  . With this setting, the game will run at 720p but scaled to 1080p full screen. The   -U   parameter is who enables the AMD FSR.

With our example just above, you'll just need to change the resolutions to the ones you want. For more details on how to use the tool, be sure to check out the Gamescope's official GitHub repository.

In addition to helping with games that have problematic fullscreen modes (since titles should no longer get in the way of your real desktop), the tool can also help reduce latency.