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Released Regata OS update 22.0.6 with more improvements and fixes

Regatta OS 22 Discovery receives new update with improvements and fixes

It was released last Tuesday (25) another new update for Regata OS (update 22.0.6), which arrives bringing more improvements and fixes "under the hood", as well as the new Plasma 5.26, which comes with new and refurbished, while enhancing the desktop experience.

Also arriving with the new update is the newest Linux Kernel 6.0, allowing better support for new hardware, which includes Intel's 4th generation "Sapphire Rapids" Xeon server processors and its 13th generation core chips codenamed "Raptor". Lake”.

Additionally, the new kernel release also brings initial support for upcoming AMD Radeon RX 7000 (RDNA3) graphics cards, enhancements for AMD Zen CPUs, and audio driver support for the AMD Ryzen 7000 "Raphael" platform.

Of course, several other new features arrived with Linux Kernel 6.0. For more technical details, we recommend that you check out this Phoronix article.

View and edit documents with OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is now available by default on Regata OS for new installations. It is one of the most popular office application suites, which offers a modern and intuitive interface, as well as excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office files.

Furthermore, another advantage of OnlyOffice is its support for open document formats and its cloud services, which can be used for free by non-profit organizations and for education purposes, and is also an excellent alternative to Microsoft 365.

Your Steam library is already on Regata OS

Also available by default in Regata OS is the Steam client. This reminds me that we recently published an article where we showed you how to get greater compatibility with Windows games on Regata OS when installing GE-Proton. If you're curious how to do this, learn how to use the ProtonUp-Qt app to supercharge the Steam Play feature.

Downloaded Regata OS 22.0.6

The new update 22.0.6 is now available on a Regata OS near you, that is, just update the system normally. However, for those who need to perform a fresh installation, an updated ISO image can now be downloaded from the official website.

Once the ISO image download is complete, simply use an application like balenaEtcher to burn the ISO file to a USB stick (which should already be formatted with, for example, the FAT32 file system).