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League of Legends and Xonotic are now available on Regata OS Game Access

From now on, Regata OS users can find the League of Legends and Xonotic games available on Game Access. The novelty, in addition to allowing players to install these games more easily, could be the first step towards Game Access being able to offer its own catalog of free games.

Considered one of the most acclaimed MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) today, League of Legends (LoL) does not have a native version for Linux, however, thanks to open source technologies, as well as community efforts, the game can be installed and run on Linux. However, as it is not a native game, you will find LoL in Game Access with "Beta" status.

The game runs on top of a custom version of the Wine compatibility layer, in addition to requiring some additional tweaks, which we've already left out. ready to optimize the user experience. So what you just need to do is install and play.

Xonotic, a very frantic and fun FPS

Recently, the open source arena-style first-person shooter (FPS) Xonotic received an major update, version 0.8.5, which arrived five years after the last update – which was released in mid-2017 – and which brought several changes, including new and updated maps, gameplay improvements, new sound effects, improved bots, a new HUD, more translations and a host of various other improvements and fixes. It certainly caught our attention, so we decided to include it in Game Access as well.

When installing the game, Regata OS users will have access to the native version of the title for Linux, which basically means that the game doesn't need the Wine compatibility layer to run, so it won't have "Beta" status, as with League of Legends.

More free games will be added to Regata OS Game Access soon, and you can also suggest your favorite games using the comments field below.