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Vivaldi Mail is now available to everyone with calendar and RSS reader

The latest version of the Vivaldi browser brings productivity features enabled by default for everyone, which includes the email client, calendar tool and integrated RSS feed reader. This is Vivaldi Mail 1.0, which offers several features so that you can manage different email accounts without having to leave your browser. It supports multiple email accounts (including popular webmail services like Google and Fastmail etc), search, calendar and support for RSS feeds.

Initially, a beta version of Vivaldi Mail was made available in mid-2020. Software company Vivaldi Technologies explains that they “designed Vivaldi Mail with a focus on speed, elegance and of course personalization (which is our main strength and the sheer awesomeness for which strive)”.

Among other features of Vivaldi's email client is the possibility to use it offline with few limitations. In addition, a variety of filters and layout options are also available, automatic detection of email lists and email topics, search feature, keyboard shortcuts and support for text signatures.

More details about Vivaldi Mail can be found on the developer's official website, click here. The latest version of Vivaldi browser can be easily installed on Regata OS via the app store.