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Minigalaxy, Oversteer, TeamSpeak 3 and ProtonUp-Qt arrive at Regata OS Store

The Regata OS Store app catalog keeps growing. New apps arrived this week in the app store, which includes more gamer-focused software. Check out more details about the new apps below:

Minigalaxy - Install and manage your games with this client for GOG

Minigalaxy is a free and open source client for the GOG digital game distribution platform that helps you install, run and manage your DRM-free store game library. Among the available features, we can mention the ability to verify the integrity of game files after downloading and a properties menu for the games, allowing the user to set launch options and open the title page in the store.

TeamSpeak 3 - Application that lets you chat with friends while playing games

TeamSpeak 3 Client is a lightweight and easy-to-use application, but it's packed with features so you can exchange information and strategies through a headset while playing games with friends in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ARMA 3 or Dota 2, for example. It is very likely that this software is the best known and best program for this type of communication between players.

ProtonUp-Qt - Install and manage different versions of Proton-GE for Steam

There are certain Windows games that work better through the Steam Play feature when Proton-GE is being used as the compatibility layer. This is an unofficial version of Valve's Proton, built by the community. However, for first-time users, obtaining and managing the different versions of Proton-GE may not be a simple task. Fortunately, with the ProtonUp-Qt tool, you can easily and quickly install the different versions Proton-GE and Luxtorpeda (for native games) to use on Steam, as well as Wine-GE for Lutris.

Oversteer - Application with many features that allows you to configure steering wheel for games

Oversteer is considered one of the best solutions available for configuring steering wheel for games. It is an effort by the community to make life easier for those who want to configure their peripheral without necessarily having to resort to solutions from the manufacturers of gaming steering wheels, which for the most part officially only support Windows.

Scratux - Visual block-based programming language

Scratux is a block-based visual programming language aimed primarily at children. Users can create projects using a block-like interface. With Scratux, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. It is a simple project that aims to provide free/open source Linux binaries of Scratch Desktop.

Q Light Controller Plus - DMX or analog lighting system manager

Q Light Controller Plus is a reliable tool designed to help you manage and configure various DMX lighting systems and components. The application allows you to create light schemes and control the actions of different devices during an event. You can control various components such as dimmers or moving heads.

Webapp Manager - Tool that allows you to turn websites into desktop applications

Webapp Manager is a tool specially created to help those who want to turn their favorite websites into standalone desktop applications. In other words, after creating the WebApps, you don't need to open your websites in browser windows and tabs. Instead, you can run them in a headerless window with your own browser profile, as a separate application that runs online. In addition, the shortcuts for the WebApps will be available in the apps menu and you can also pin them to the taskbar.