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Regata OS update brings new Plasma 5.23.4 and improvements for AMD GPUs

It was released last Saturday (04) another new update for Regata OS (update 21.0.18) that arrives bringing the latest KDE Plasma 5.23.4. Among the main highlights of the new version of the graphical environment is the addition of the Touchpad applet, which was present in the previous series of the graphical environment, the 5.22, but which had been removed in the current series. Now the applet has been restored to help laptop owners with the current status of the touchpad.

Touchpad Applet has been reactivated.

In addition, the new Plasma 5.23.4 also brings improvements to the critical battery level notification, which now automatically disappears when you connect the laptop to the charger, and improves the "roll back this change" dialog in the Screen and monitor session in the System Settings panel to look better when using a language with long words, such as German or Brazilian Portuguese, and reintroduces an animated, blurry background for the logout screen.

The new version of the graphical environment also brings improvements to some UI details, making applications — such as Inkscape or FileZilla, which make use of GTK3 technology — with a more pleasant appearance.

More improvements in Regata OS apps

In addition to the implementation of the latest and most stable version of the KDE Plasma graphical environment, which improves various aspects of the Regata OS desktop, providing a better experience for users, the Regata OS applications also received improvements and corrections, as is the case from Regata OS Update, which should no longer have problems updating applications.

This basically means that Regata OS Update re-fetches and installs updates correctly when automatic updates are enabled — which is the default behavior of Regata OS Update.

In addition, Regata OS Game Access received further improvements in support for Vulkan and fixes the installation of DXVK and VKD3D-Proton, which allow running Windows games developed with D3D10/11/12/ on Vulkan.

More driver updates for GPUs

Also arriving with Regata OS 21.0.18 was the Linux Kernel 5.15, which brings a new driver to deal with the NTFS file system, official support for graphics hardware Intel Xe HP and DG2/Alchemist, improved support for temperature monitoring with AMD Zen 3 APUs, and major fixes have been added for sleep support with newer AMD laptop models.

In addition, support for AMD Cyan Skillfish graphics, initial support for Intel XeHP and DG2/Alchemist GPUs, and the audio driver for AMD Van Gogh APUs is also available, with the Steam Deck being among the hardware that should benefit .

Last but not least, the Mesa Graphics Library has also been updated and is now at version 21.3.1, which brings fix for Yuzu, a free and open source emulator for the Nintendo Switch console, as well as for Metro Exodus games and Forza Horizon 5.

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