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Ray Tracing with AMD GPU on Linux starts to come true

Although it's already possible to run several games with Ray Tracing on Linux using NVIDIA graphics, the technology support for AMD GPUs is something that is still being worked on, but the good news is that finally the results are already showing, with Ray Tracing with Radeon chips on Linux starting to become a reality, with some titles already running with the feature enabled, which allows for better lighting effects in games.

The good news comes from developer Bas Nieuwenhuizen, who via a post on his personal blog revealed that after 9 months of hard work it is now possible to get support for Ray Tracing in games with AMD GPUs on Linux. Still, according to him, the game that worked on the first attempt after getting all the necessary functionality to support the technology was Control.

Besides Control, other games that also worked in the developer's tests are Quake 2 RTX and Metro Exodus. The titles that didn't work are Ghostrunner and Doom Eternal.

"Of course the [work on] support is far from over. There are still some things to progress," explains Bas Nieuwenhuizen. "[How to] improve the pipeline build model to make ghostrunner work".

The developer expects to see this initial support officially released in the next quarter, with AMD Ray Tracing working on Linux by the end of the year.