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New driver NVIDIA 470.74 is now available on Regata OS; check out the news

NVIDIA has released yet another version of its video driver, 470.74, which arrives as the latest release in the 470.xx series. Among the highlights is a fix around the high system memory usage for some games running with VKD3D-Proton, which allows you to run games developed with DirectX 12 over Vulkan.

In addition, there is also a fix to ensure that the FXAA anti-alizing method is disabled in Mozilla Firefox browser to avoid visual corruption, and a fix for a performance regression involving the RFactor 2 game when running with Vulkan, as well as Fix for a "bug that could cause GPU applications to terminate when resuming from sleep".

Last but not least, improvements have been added to the power management interface, preventing a failure to preserve and restore video memory allocations from occurring. You can check out the release notes right now on the official NVIDIA website, by clicking here.

The new NVIDIA 470.74 driver is now available on Regata OS and can be installed through the app store. But for those who have NVIDIA software already installed and want to get this new release, just keep your system updates up to date.