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KDE Plasma widgets are now blocked by default in Regata OS

To hide some of the advanced configuration and customization options of the KDE Plasma graphical environment, which may even be common features for the more experienced, but end up confusing new users, Regata OS now has the desktop widgets locked by default. The change comes via update and can be easily reversed by disabling the "Lock widgets" option available in the Graphical Settings application.

This small change prevents users without much experience with KDE Plasma from, for example, entering edit mode and removing the panel (system bar) or some other important widgets, which could lead to a frustrating moment or situation. It's worth remembering that after unlocking the widgets, they will remain unlocked until you lock them again.

In other words, now we will be sure that the default set of widgets will be kept and, if the user decides to unlock the widgets on their own to customize their desktop, with something out of control, they will just have to go to the Support application of Regata OS and execute the option "Restore the default settings of the graphical environment".

You will be prompted to reboot the machine. When the system comes back, the graphical environment will be restored to default, including color and icon themes, as well as system bar widgets and applets.

With this change, we hope to make the Regata OS desktop "proof to most lay users", while the KDE Plasma does not remain "locked", ie without losing all its customization capacity, with the user also being able to leave your desktop the way you want it.