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Warframe is now also available on Regata OS Game Access

The free online multiplayer third-person shooter Warframe can now also be installed from Regata OS Game Access. The game is now alongside the League of Legends and Xonotic titles. This is yet another important step for Game Access to be able to offer its own catalog of free games.

During installation, the installer will ask you to select the game's installation folder. Without changing anything, just leave the default (the folder called Warframe) and click the OK button to proceed with the game installation. Then accept the license and wait for the download to complete.

With the game installation completed, just click the Play button on the launcher to start the game. A gameplay footage should be available on the Regata OS YouTube channel soon so you can get an idea of how the game is performing.

More games are coming to Regata OS Game Access, stay tuned for more news soon.