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Regata OS 21.0.48 arrives with more improvements for Game Access and app store

Regata OS recently received another new update, the 21.0.48 update, which brought more improvements and corrections to applications, such as Max-Q, which is now opening faster and has had a significant reduction in the use of Android resources. CPU, and the app store, which also received "under the hood" improvements that allow for much more agile browsing.

With a focus on gamers, the Game Access application has also received important improvements, especially in the compatibility mode, which should help solve the most varied problems with launching launchers and games. Among the changes we can mention: fix Vulkan configuration on supported hardware and addition of several improvements in compatibility mode readiness, something that should help fix the Ubisoft Connect installation.

Speaking of Ubisoft Connect, the launcher's overlay feature is turned off by default, which can help solve problems with the most varied Ubisoft games. Additionally, the Game Access install queue has also been fixed, allowing the player to again start installing multiple launchers or Epic Games Store games at the same time.

Another app that also received a little more attention was the Regata OS Support app, which now also opens much faster and consumes less machine resources, and the third-party app for configuring controls SC Controller has finally received a new icon that better matches both dark and light system themes.

Last but not least, Regata OS apps now no longer flash white when opening. This basically means that application windows will now only be displayed when everything is ready. While it's just a small visual change, it gives apps a better and more consistent look.